workshopsWork shops are exactly what they suggest – an opportunity to ‘work’ in a group environment.

journeys for change offer bespoke and intimately tailored experiential workshops that awaken truth and evoke insight and awareness into individual aspirations, the obstacles that block them and the possibilities for change. Judy Fitzgerald’s inclusive facilitation style and capacity to create a sanctuary for deep and meaningful work is evidenced by participants who have consciously and courageously initiated bold changes in their lives.

Workshops previously designed and delivered:

  • Values exploration
  • Resilience and goal-setting
  • Job search strategies
  • Ancient wisdom and the natural world
  • Cultural awareness and communication
  • Personal branding
  • Mindfulness
  • Finding the Both And Sweetspot (balancing work and life)

The art of conversation (networking) If you or your organisation would like a workshop designed to meet your specific needs, please give Judy a call on 0409 924 724.