What our clients say

Working collaboratively with Judy for career coaching was an incredibly empowering, rewarding and life-changing process. Jude bought to our sessions her wealth of experience and a range of exercises/tools to guide me toward a career I would find fulfilling … I am now in a role which I can honestly say is my perfect job! Jude is one of this planet’s true treasures – I am grateful to have met this wonderful person who so obviously loves what she does and is so willing to help others on their life’s journey. Jess, Librarian

I have been truly blessed to have been able to work with Judy. With the support and nurturing environment I needed she guided me and gave me the direction and assistance to make realisations and decisions about who I am and where I want to be. Judy’s experience, kind heart and true passion is inspiring and anyone who has the opportunity to work with her is so fortunate. She has changed my life. Jemma, Healthcare Professional.

Working with Judy was such a great experience for me. Judy is warm, funny and astute. She is intensely focussed in sessions.  I felt that she held the thread of my life story, and current dilemmas, and helped me to weave out of that a new perspective.  Working with her created a sense of freedom of movement where previously I had felt so stuck. She asks great, curious questions that help to bring clarity to the muddle. The balance of my own personal ‘homework’ and the session work was perfect for me and allowed me to be the agent of change in my own life. I would recommend her, in fact I have recommended her time and again. I went to see her to make some changes  in my work situation and wound up changing how I view, and live, my life. For that, I am truly grateful. Kath, Clinical Practice Manager 

 I feel very lucky for having found Judy Fitzgerald. My career had taken a significant shift – I had left a long-term job for another that didn’t work out. I was unemployed for the first time in ten years and my future was at a true cross-roads. Whilst this was a daunting prospect, Judy’s gentle, caring and thoughtful guidance helped me to realise my true path. She has a real gift for career counseling and I can’t thank her enough for all her guidance.  Eloise, Project Manager / Student Teacher

When I came to Judy I was in despair about my career and about my options for the future. I knew that the way I had been in my career did not work and I didn’t know how to change. Judy created a safe place for me to explore at a very deep level all the aspects my past working life; my personal strengths, my skills and my values that helped me gain clarity about my future direction.

Judy’s passion and commitment throughout the whole process has shown me a new way of thinking about myself and my career that has enabled me to move confidently in a new direction knowing the support and encouragement that I have behind me and the value that I add to future employers before me. I really felt heard, and it has been a life-changing experience. I highly recommend Judy to anyone who would like a more fulfilling and rewarding working life. Lindsey, Healthcare Professional 

Judy Fitzgerald has been assisting me with career strategy and has helped me move from a confused and static approach to my career to a proactive but balanced assessment of exciting opportunities through a supportive, solutions focused process.

 Critical to the success of her work with me has been her ability to actively listen to, and empathise with, both my current situation and my aspirations. This has meant that all of the options we are currently pursuing reflect greater alignment and authenticity for me.

Judy has gently but assertively questioned some of my conceptions about personal worth and societal expectations in relation to work. She has also been supportive with particular workplace situations that have required changed behaviour on my part with the aim of creating a more sustainable, healthy work pattern.

Finally, Judy has helped me to create a non-threatening pathway for action. This continues to progress at a rate that I am comfortable with, that includes space and time for blocks to be acknowledged and worked with as they arise. Jane, Environmental Specialist 

From the initial meeting I felt completely comfortable in Judy Fitzgerald’s (jfc Principal) presence, which has helped us to maintain a great rapport and work productively together. As part of our meetings I have reflected on the last 20+ years of my life and I’ve been impressed by Judy’s ability to identify the relevant issues that must be explored further in an effort to provide greater career clarity. The tactful questions she has posed have been integral in drawing out the necessary information for introspection and for meaningful future planning. The process that I have been through with jfc has involved the use of different tools and techniques which have been effective in working towards my goal to set new career objectives and to better determine my career direction.

To put it simply, my experience with jfc has exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with jfc in the future and I would happily recommend their services to an individual or business. Andrew, Property Developer