Career direction

No matter where your career has taken you, chances are it’s been an interesting but unplanned course. Most people instinctively find their way and get many elements right. They also, just as often, find themselves in roles that aren’t enjoyable and just don’t fit their skills and talents.

Numerous studies reveal that people who are happy and fulfilled at work, doing things they love and using their innate strengths and talents, are more engaged, committed, productive and innovative.

The journeys for change Three Step Career Coaching Elements are designed to help you achieve this desired state for yourself:

• what has shaped, influenced and motivated your career to date?
• what are your core values at work?
• what are your key talents and attributes?
• what are your proudest achievements?
• what makes you happiest at work?
• how do you add value?

• what is important to you in balancing work & life?
• what type of environment will promote your best work?
• what does your perfect world look like?
• what are your options and directions from here?
• what research is needed to make educated decisions?

• setting and monitoring goals
• developing your job search campaign
• creating your marketing plan
• action, tracking and evaluation

"The happiest life is that which constantly exercises and educates what is best in us.”  - Hamerton