If you’ve found your way to this site, it possibly means you are seeking support to navigate a change in your life – perhaps a career change, a life transformation or to prepare for the next chapter, retirement. 

So how can coaching help; and what exactly is coaching anyway?

Coaching is a relatively new profession in Australia and is progressively becoming more sophisticated and professional with many renowned learning institutions offering rigorous curriculum, qualifications and accreditation.

Essentially coaching builds a bridge between action-plans, at one end of the continuum, and therapy at the other. It seeks to unveil the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals (without dwelling on them) and helps create innovative and often never before imagined ideas about how to embrace vulnerability and pursue your goals with clarity, courage and confidence.

coachingAn experienced coach will not tell you what do do or offer advice – an experienced coach will collaboratively identify and work with your inner truth and wisdom – to help crystallise your vision of personal success; to ask insightful questions; to challenge unhelpful beliefs; to intuitively offer timely feedback; and to create plans and sustainable support strategies for that vision, and any future visions, to be realised. Change can be a lonely experience – an experienced coach will walk beside you while you experiment with and integrate your personal journey of change. 

If coaching sounds like the support you’re looking for, explore this site a little more and then give Judy a call on 0409 924 724 for chat.

"Coaching is a profession of love. You can't coach people unless you love them." Eddie Robinson.